CENTURION is your best solution, real masterpiece in the technology area. It includes up-to-date turbocharged diesel engine, fully automatic propeller pitch control system, engine control with one lever and reducing gear. Centurion offers you safety, comfort, cost effectiveness and excellent performance.

The state-of-the-art technology applied in CENTURION engines raises the flight safety standards to a new level. Their design, component parts, materials and the very manufacturing process meet the highest aviation requirements. You may leave carbon monoxide poisoning or carburettor icing behind.

Save up to 60% of current flight costs. With CENTURION engines you will halve the fuel amount consumed and will pay much less per liter of fuel as these engines consume cheaper kerosene. Refuel without any hindrances as kerosene is an easily accessible source of energy all over the world.

Due to the cycle of the diesel engine connected to turbocompressor, CENTURION engines demonstrate faultless engine performance. Maximum effective engine mode is calculated as the uniform maximum force at any height.

CENTURION engines make the best use of their force due to turbocompressor and special-design propeller. The thrust of CENTURION 2.0 engine remains stable – 135 horse powers – irrespective of the altitude you reach, whether it is 2,000 feet or 6,000 feet. Even if you climb to 10000 feet, the thrust would be sufficient for perfect enhancement or for fast flight at a constant altitude. We guarantee excellent enhancement even at climbing to the altitude of up to 25,000 feet.

Maintenance advantages

Quick replacement. CENTURION 2.0 replacement set ensures quick gasoline engine replacement with a diesel engine. The engine together with dampers, cooling system and electronics are installed on a new engine mounting at a factory. All components undergo quality control at a factory and only after that the engine would be sent to the customer. That is why we can replace your engine with a diesel engine in 10 days.

Quick diagnostics. FADDEC electronic system monitors and adjusts CENTURION engine modes and also accumulates necessary information. During scheduled inspection, electronic reading of this information is performed helping to detect problems in engine performance. The data are also sent to the Thielert information base. Thus precise and quick diagnostics of every engine condition is ensured.

Real one-lever control will make you feel as your own passenger. No more manual propeller angle adjustments, pressure checks or fuel mixture adjustment — just use acceleration lever! Preflight check? Just push the button and all checking procedures will be performed automatically. FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) helps to achieve such comfort.

CENTURION engine produces much lower vibration and noise than common combustion engines used in aircraft. During the flight you may easily talk without earphones. Lower vibration level also increases the service life of the units. You will have additional comfort at once due to one-lever control system. Feel as if you were in a jet aircraft!

Environmental protectionCENTURION engines help to take care of the environment. As they don’t use lead-rich fuel and consume much less kerosene, carbon dioxide emission decreases. Besides, engines with special sound eliminator operate more softly than any other engine of the same type.

CENTURION engines allow you making a choice. You may enjoy the advantages of these engines and have no more concerns as expanding networks of services centers will offer all the support you need. Currently Thielert cooperates with 220 authorized and certified service centers and 20 distributors. Find additional information at www.centurion.aero